Blacknoise Recordings

One facet of Blacknoise is, like a glass if an opera singer hits a particular note, the vibrations of that hit the metabolism of the glass and cracks it, yeah? So a Blacknoise is the register within which you can crack a city or people’s a new control bomb.
— -David Bowie

About Blacknoise Recordings...

Started in 2001 by Brad Logan of F-Minus/ Leftover Crack/ Rats in the Wall/ etc., BNR is a DIY label and distro.  Specializing in limited edition releases of iconic and underground bands, as well as offering select merch from these bands as well as politically conscious gear.  The whole operation is run by Brad and his wife, Kristen Ferrell, with the help of many dogs and cats.  Questions, comments, concerns- go to the "contact" section and drop a line.